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The Ionian Islands

Enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of one of the most beautiful parts of Greece.

The starting point of your sailing trip around the Ionian Islands is the centrally located island of Lefkas. From that point onwards we take you on a journey along unspoiled coves, beaches and other places.


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Getting to Lefkada

We set sail from the island of Lefkas. You can fly directly to Aktion airport in Preveza. The island of Lefkas / Lefkada is a twenty minute drive as it is connected to the mainland with a movable bridge.


There is a very good reason why the Ionian Archipelago is so well known among sailors: the gentle ever-present wind ensures ideal sailing conditions. Its predictability plays an important role in this, because it is fairly constant wind that is never too extreme. You will therefore experience a calm sea, making it very pleasant for you to sail on the "Yours Truly".

In the summer months it is mainly the Maestro that blows: a friendly wind from the Northwest. The Mediterranean climate with it's very pleasant temperatures is an ideal bonus. 

About the area

Culture: Sniff the Greek culture, visit the antiquities and authentic villages on the islands.
Nature: This green mountainous area is ideal for beautiful hiking trails or mountainbiken.
Animals: Meet the oldest inhabitants of the islands: the dolphins and turtles.
Culinary: Be surprised by the delicious smells and flavors of Greek cuisine.

Discover more stories about Greece and the Ionian region in our Journal.

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