• Miranda Torsing

Under the turquoise


With her eighty shades of blue, the Ionian Sea is breathtaking

Although the Greek archipelago is a favorite area for sailors, many divers and snorkelers also like to come to this area in the Mediterranean. With its eighty shades of blue, the sea here is breathtaking. Both the world above and below the turquoise is a feast for the eyes. The clear water provides beautiful views, making it easy to spot the sea creatures present. Think of turtles, dolphins, tuna and many other fish. Zakynthos is a hotspot within diving; the Mediterranean Sea has its deepest point here (4400 meters). The temperature of the sea water is also very pleasant: 27 to 28 degrees in the summer months. Various diving schools can be found in Zakynthos as well as on the other islands. Ready for a swim? We are happy to help you organize this.

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