• Miranda Torsing

Between the green


The greenest islands of Greece

Earlier we called the Ionian Sea a paradise. This is partly because they are the greenest islands in Greece. The mountains, the forests, the wetlands and the rich flora and fauna; you are surrounded by greenery. Do you want to escape the crowd and into nature? Most islands can only be reached by boat. This limits the tourist flow and offers enough peace and space to enjoy all the natural beauty. Depending on the season, irises, anemones, lilies, orchids and poppies grow here. And animals also like to stay here. A permanent resident of the Ionian Islands is the special Caretta caretta sea turtle; a beautiful and large turtle that lived here before prehistoric times. We regularly encounter the turtles, looking for their native beach to lay eggs. And that is increasingly difficult for them; after all, the beaches are occupied by humans. Fortunately, the animal is now protected. And that double name? That how it's supposed to be. Other inhabitants, such as the Lutra lutra otter and the Monachus monk seal, also bear the same names.

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