We think it is important to provide you with simple and accurate answers to all of the questions you might have. Is your question still unanswered? Please get in touch and we'll happily answer as soon as possible.

Yay, we've booked our holiday with you! Hoe does the payment work?

A 40% deposit payment is required within (5) working days of receiving a booking form to secure your booking. If a deposit payment is not received within the given period, the company reserves the right to allocate the vessel to another client. The balance of your charter (the remaining 60%) must be paid by bank transfer 45 days before the date of the embarkation. 

Can you help us with booking a flight?

You can arrange your flight yourself or ask for our help. We are happy to advise you when booking the flight or link you to our travel agent.


The airport is called Aktion and is located in Preveza (PVK).

It is flown from the following Dutch airports: Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Transavia, , Vueling, Easy Jet, TUI, and Corendon have a direct flight to these destinations. Do you prefer to fly to Athens? Flights are available at any day of the week. Athens is a four-hour drive from Lefkas.

What's the duration of your Sailing holiday?

We offer a journey of at least a week. Would you like to travel for a longer period? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

We sail from Saturday to Saturday. Do you have other preferences? Everything is negotiable.

We board at 5:00 PM, the check out is at 9:30 AM.


Would you like to book a hotel? We are happy to arrange one for you. A personalized trip is possible; get in touch to discuss your wishes and we'll do our utmost best to help you.

We also offer Day trips with the "Yours Truly" for a maximum of 8  persons. Visit the Day Trips page to read more.

What's available on board?


Shower towels, 1 bath towel and one hammam towel per person per week.

Bed linen

Sheets, pillow and a duvet.



Three cabins are available for guests. This includes three bathrooms with 2 showers, 3 sinks and 3 toilets.

Deck layout

On the deck is a spacious cockpit with lovely cushions. There are also plenty of loungers and seats in and out of the sun, including a nice hammock. Right next to the bathing platform is a freshwater shower with which you can rinse off the salt water after swimming.


Available on the railing.

Snorkel gear

Flippers and water shoes are available in different sizes as well as snorkeling masks.



Our 'dinghy' brings you to and from the shore / bay / harbor. We have a zodiac project, a very fast rib, which can be used for water-skiing, wakeboarding or funboard. You can hire this at a fee.

Fishing rods

A sea casting rods are available.


1 x Stand Up Paddling Boards.


Various boardgames. 


Sailing books, novels, fiction and non-fiction, travel books.

Chargers & Wifi

You can charge your phone on the boat as we have power banks available. Greece is in the EU, so you can use your own mobile bundle. Wi-Fi is almost always available on board. Most restaurants on the islands also have WiFi.


Note! Equipment cannot swim, please make sure you are properly insured.

What's handy to bring on board?

On the sailing yacht we walk barefoot. Bring sneakers or flip-flops for when you disembark. Take light clothes with you (dresses/shorts); even in the evening the temperature is still lovely. A hat or cap and sunglasses with strings.

What should I leave at home?

A suitcase: rather use a foldable travel bag. With your clothes in the cupboards, you have more space in the cabin. Expensive stuff (watches, jewelry, appliances) if you don't need them, please leave them at home.

Can we bring our kids on our holiday with you?

Kids are welcome on board and it's an experience they'll never forget. With the sea always at hand, they have hours of fun (swimming, snorkeling, supping). Spotting dolphins and sleeping under the starry sky completes the picture. There is plenty to do on the islands.

Do you have WiFi on board?

Yes, there is WiFi on board, it will work quite well as we are generally sailing close to land. Since the rules have changed, you can now also use the internet at low costs via your own bundle. The restaurants on the islands generally all have WiFi.

Do you have electricity available on board?

Don't worry, contact with the outside world is still possible. 220 Volt is available on Yours Truly. Phones, tablets, laptops and other electronics can be charged, but keep in mind that they can't swim 😉.

What is the sailing route?

Several sailing routes are possible. Which one we follow, depends on your wishes and the wind.

Where does the Yacht anchor at night?

Most sailing routes take us past beautiful and protected bays that are ideal for spending the night. These coves not only offer privacy, but also offer a magnificent view of the sunrise and sunset.

Is sailing experience required?

Even if you have never sailed before, you are more than welcome. Do you want to learn more about sailing? We are happy to tell you more about the beauty of sailing or teach you. Prefer to laze around instead? You're entirely right.

Are we sailing the entire day?

We have a varied program. Would you rather stay on board to swim and relax? Or do you want to take a trip or engage in an activity? Simply let us know as we are here to make your holiday unforgettable.

We are a group under 6 people. Do we pay less?

You pay for the entire sailing yacht regardless of how many people there are in your party.

We've got something to celebrate. What are the possibilities?

We do like a party, both organizing and celebrating them. We'd love to help you celebrate a birthday, anniversary, a honeymoon, reunion or anything else on the Yours Truly. Let us know in advance and we we'll make it an unforgettable experience for you.

Do we have to clean the cabins ourselves?

You are on vacation so we take care of the cleaning for you. And not just at the end of your journey. Every day we make sure your cabin is clean and tidy.

What happens if there is a medical emergency?

An emergency kit is available in our medicine cabinet on board the Yacht. Peter and Miranda are also trained to provide you first aid. If additional medical assistance is required, we will contact the nearest doctor or the hospital.

Do I easily get seasick?

Fortunately, all our guests have not experienced any so far. This is due to the calm Ionian Sea. You will also stay on a large and solid sailing yacht of 22 tons. Do you feel a little nauseous? We know how to help you and also have a well-stocked medicine cabinet on board.

Due to circumstances I need to reschedule my sailing holiday. How can you help me?

Please contact us as soon as possible, let us think of a solution and discuss the possibilities.

Can I combine my sailing holiday with a stay somewhere else?

Of course you can. We have a large network of hotels, apartments or villa's. We are happy to help you book an accommodation.

Unfortunately I need to cancel my sailing holiday. How does this work?

Sometimes it is necessary to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances. Get in touch with us as soon as possible and we'll come up with a solution together with you. In a situation like this, it's comforting to know things are well arranged. We therefore recommend you to take out a cancellation insurance. This can be done through your travel insurance.

I have a physical disability / I am in a wheelchair. What are the possibilities?

What is or isn't possible for you is a decision you need to take yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we're happy to tell you more about the Yours Truly, answer any of your questions and help you come up with possible solutions.

I have allergies and/or special dietary needs. What are my options?

Send us an email indicating your allergies or dietary wishes. During the sailing trip we buy fresh fish, meat, fruit and vegetables from local shops. We are therefore bound by the offer, but will do our best to meet all your wishes. Any changes we'll discuss with you.

What are your sustainability practices?

We think it is important that this piece of paradise is preserved and we try to contribute to that as much as possible. Are you joining us?

Wind: We make use of the wind in our sails as much as possible and prefer to leave the engine off.

Sunscreen: We recommend a natural product that is good for you, the sea and the animals.

Protecting nature: We like to support projects that protect nature and its animals. A good example of this is the protection of the endangered Caretta caretta sea turtle.

Food & drink: We are conscious of our stocks to prevent food waste. We do our shopping at local businesses.

Do I get a safety instruction?

When we welcome you on board, we will inform you of all safety instructions and associated rules. It is important for everyone's safety that you follow the instructions.

Are you as a crew always on board?

We stay on board during your sailing holiday. In addition to taking care of you and our safety, we are here to make sure you have everything you need. We are trained to know when we need to take a step back in case you're looking for a bit of space for yourself.